What does Property 8 Corp. offer?

Managed investment returns

The corporation provides the opportunity for accredited investors to participate in these opportunities alongside the management team’s personal investment dollars. All investors will have security of titled property in Canada, with all the upside of rent increases, property updates (value added) and the tremendous increase in real estate prices seen across Canada and the USA, consistently over the last 150 plus years. During the past 50 years alone, the average yearly increase throughout Canada has been 6.5%, according to the CHMC.


What are the expected returns?

Let us deal with tenants.

Initially, investors can expect dividend returns of 5 to 7% paid out Quarterly. With improvements and planed updates, this return normally ranges between 12-15% plus compound returns, (building specific) upon sale or refinancing. Investors will still remain property owners even after all investor loans are returned. All investor loans are secured on the properties purchased and are paid out first on any refinancing or sale.

When can I withdraw my principle?

Rest Assured In Our Services

The examples provided are advertised property opportunities typical of what we find currently available. They including prices and calculated expected returns from each property. Our goal, as always, is to improve on these numbers by negotiating prices, completing necessary renovations and upgrades, thereby enabling us to increase rents, and depending on the property potentially capitalize on future development opportunities.

Refinancing can be completed in as little as 3 years, and if appreciation is only slightly above norms will result in multiples of these numbers. Our mandate is to return Investment capital on a re-finance or sale scenario.